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The year was 2021 when mankind as we knew it collapsed to an unstoppable virus that spread like wildfire across the globe infecting every living creature it touched, transforming them into crazed monsters with a thirst for death.

It originated from New York where scientists thought they had found medicine that could make the average man twice as strong, however what they had failed to realize was that the side-effect of this miracle cure was that after a short period of time the patients would become abnormally aggressive, and before they understood the gravity of their error the test subjects broke out of the holding cells and began to rapidly spread the infection throughout the city. Riot police and the military were positioned on the exits of the city in a hope that they would stop anything, including the virus, from leaving the city, however it was no use as within a few short hours the sheer number of the infected coupled with their outrageous strength overpowered the lines of defense and set about to spread the virus further into the heart of america.

Within a day the entire state had been overrun, a week later the whole of America had fallen to the infected, and the virus was starting to advance into neighboring countries. Other countries from around the world started to fear for mankind's survival and in a desperate last-ditch attempt to wipe out the infection they nuked most of the United States leaving it a desolate wasteland. 100 years later not much is known of what happened after the nukes fell, other than the fact it did not stop the relentless infected and only made those who survived the blast stronger through mutation.

As the tribute you are part of one of the only known surviving communities of humans, who send one person a year out into wilderness in a hope of coming into contact with other living life. So far 99 tributes have left the safe haven, and 99 have failed to return, will you be the tribute to change this?


The Tribute .zip 25 MB


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Nice job taking assets from Nuclear Throne and Undertale and Necrodancer. Fuck a bitch named Nuclear Throne, all my homies hate Nuclear Throne, we just play THE TRIBUTE

Hello. This says Mac and Linux, but when i downloaded it, It gave me the Windows Version. Please Put Mac Version for Download, this looks intresting and would like to do some gameplay of it.